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How to restart unused ports and save money?

Restarted ports

Very often our customers come to us with a problem that concerns relatively simple operations but requires a lot of time. Often their service is so time-consuming that a given cell dealing with such operations is already lacking time for other activities. It was the same in this case.

Our Client’s Case Study

Our client has 25 branches where its own network infrastructure has been built. In each of the branches there are several dozen devices of different manufacturers (Cisco, Juniper).

With more than 1,000 network devices, a common problem that a central IT department faces activating ports from “down” to “up”. Such operations are easy but time-consuming, as they require additional verification of several parameters of the device to make the operation effective.

The Client’s additional requirement was to delegate these operations to local branches, while limiting the rights of local administrators to these operations only.

As part of the implementation of the NEDAPS system, port state verification algorithms have been developed for Cisco and Juniper network devices. This allowed for safe delegation of configuration tasks to local administrators. Local administrators can perform operations in two ways:

  • from a web browser-accessible intuitive graphical user interface,
  • as well as ordering them in mass mode, using properly prepared files in CSV or XLS format.

The implementation of the NEDAPS system has eliminated the problem of leaving active access ports in the network that do not have services connected. Additionally, local administrators can directly pick up ports from an intuitive, graphical web interface.

The customer’s technical department has full control over the network configuration processes without the need to perform operations on network devices and systems on their own.

Thanks to the models designed and tested in NEDAPS, the possibility of errors and thus delays at the stage of making services available to customers is minimized.


After implementing NEDAPS the customer achieved all expected technical and business requirements.

  • 98% of operations are realized by local administrators in the brach offices.

  • Service unavailability time was reduced to dozens of second vs dozens of hours in the worse scenario.

  • Central department is focused on complex day-by-day administrator’s activities.

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