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Network Inventory – reasonable management of the network resources

The main aim of this project was to create a graphic presentation of the Operator’s network on the map of Poland. The client to whom we proposed such a project was a large Operator with an extensive network infrastructure and network equipment from various suppliers (Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper, Cisco).

Our Client’s Case Study

The NEDAPS system has created schemes to retrieve the necessary data from network devices and existing databases.

Wherever possible, GPS data was downloaded directly from the devices (some of the client’s devices have built-in GPS receivers allowing to read the location of the device, while information about the location of the other devices is stored in various databases of the operator).

Address translations into geographical coordinates were performed and presented on the map using OpenStreetMap API (OSM).

To make the relationships between the objects visible, the descriptive fields of network devices at their respective ports were used. These fields contained information indicating physical connection to the next device. On this basis, the network infrastructure was visualized on the map of Poland. Data is presented after “clicking” on an object (device or link).


Thanks to our project, the client has gained many benefits. Among other things:

  • all devices’ data are presented in a friendly way on the map of Poland.

  • User can choose the layers that present data according to the customer’s expectations, such as types of objects, type of links, etc.

  • User can quickly begin to diagnose the problems in case of an emergency thanks to NEDAPS functions that verify the network elements and network itself status.

  • As a standard NEDAPS provides REST API, that helps to integrate NEDAPS with client’s systems.

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