Business Process Automation for Multi-departments companies

Business Process Automation (BPA) in multi-department companies is one of factors that can improve effectiveness and reduce the internal cost of delivery solutions to the customers. Using NEDAPS the company can reduce the time consuming for day-to-day internal “background” activity and focus on its core business activities.

An example of internal business process can be employee management (employment, firing, position change), granting permissions to company’s IT systems, configuring accounts, network accesses etc.

NEDAPS gives you all required tools for very fast and cost-effective business process automation. Definition of the process is as simple as putting some blocks on the workspace and connecting them. Our solution allows you to communicate with any IT systems (via REST API), databases (both sql and non-sql), devices (servers, storages, backup systems, network equipment) and much more. Anything you can imagine is possible. Some processes are unready for fully automation because require manual inputting initial data. NEDAPS provides not only fully automated user web interface generation for manual operations but also fully automated REST API generation for integration with websites and 3rd party IT systems. Those features tremendously reduce the time necessary for starting using the automated processes.

Business Process Automation for Multi-departments companies

BPA Example

One example of BPA use is Service Desk support. In this scenario all internal network issues (tickets) are being processed by NEDAPS. For this purpose the necessary configuration scenarios are defined in NEDAPS and enabled for full automatic and/or manual path (depending on the particular process). Using NEDAPS the time of implementing services is radically reduced. Depending on individual company preferences the ability to perform some task can be granted to all employee. It can be achieved in company’s self-care portal by adding links to NEDAPS’s REST API function. Thanks to that the company is able not only reducing the work engagement of its high-skilled professionals who before the NEDAPS era had to be involved to resolve the issues but also reduce the time necessary for providing the service to minimum. After NEDAPS implementation the high-skilled profs do not have to realize basic, mood operations any more. Instead they can focus on task connected with real, i.e. external, business.

NEDAPS is an intuitive and extremely flexible platform. Using NEDAPS you can automate any “normal business day” processes for any customers (external and internal). The first automation can be done just in a few hours after system installation.

Business Process Management – Free Consultation

To allow our customers a fast start we provide a free consultation to help our customers define the best way of use NEDAPS to achieve a countable business effects with in the shortest possible time-frames.