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What is L2VPN and L3VPN?

In short, these are tools that can be used to make site2site connections – i.e. to connect between two separate networks.

Our Client’s Case Study

Our client, a telecommunications operator, wanted to improve the operations of the organizational unit which is responsible for network maintenance. One of its jobs was to perform tasks concerning the configuration of network elements under their responsibility for the provision of L2VPN and L3VPN services for business customers. Everything was done manually, and so it took a lot of time, often affecting the timeliness of other works carried out by the network maintenance cell.

In this case, our task was to automate this process with the NEDAPS system.

Algorithms for the creation of L2VPN and L3VPN services were created on Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent devices in the Operator’s network. This allowed for safe delegation of configuration tasks to the business services sales department. Thanks to this, employees of a given cell can perform the operation in two ways:

  • from a web browser-accessible graphical user interface,
  • order them in mass mode, using properly prepared files in CSV or XLS format.

Service configuration operations are performed automatically.


As a result, the whole process has been accelerated – the operator has obtained a dozen or so times higher number of launched services in relation to manual creations performed in an identical period of time. NEDAPS provided the possibility to easily design new services and operations performed on services. It also reduced the load on the technical department, but at the same time ensured high security of access to network devices and systems.

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