Identity and Access Management

The task of NEDAPS IDM(Identity and Access Management) is to automate and unify the policy management process security. In particular, the solution ensures the management (granting, modifying, withdrawing) of the rights of employees and guests to the company’s internal systems or institution.

The system provides integration with IT systems and devices using available interfaces. NEDAPS IDM reflects the organizational structure of the enterprise or institution. For this purpose, the system enables integration with directory services systems

The system is based on models built for individual services taking into account the specificity of the integrated systems. These models can be created, modified and launched by the client. Thus, the client is able to adapt the system to his needs in a completely independent way.

The effect of using NEDAPS IDM system is to optimize service time, reduce the number of administrators involved, standardize the assigned rights, increase security and ensure data integrity.

Identity and Access Management

NEDAPS IDM Features:

  • possibility of integration with any system in terms of the interface provided by this system,
  • no need to install agents for integrated systems,
  • full monitoring of operations performed,
  • possibility to perform batch operations,
  • self-expansion by the system is designed to provide the customer with service models and thus the functionality of the system.

NEDAPS Identity and Access Management System:

  • It unifies and automates the management of employee rights,
  • unifies security policy,
  • reduces the involvement of highly qualified specialists in the process of managing employee rights,
  • It definitely speeds up the process of rights management.

NEDAPS Identity and Access Management increases the level of information and communication security of a company through:

  • supporting the protection of applications and data against unauthorized access,
  • preventing errors in the granting of rights, in particular leaving the rights redundant workers,
  • control of the powers granted and possibilities verification of the company’s security policies related to access to systems,
  • preventing dangerous situations of absence the correlation between the employee’s role in the company and the scope of his or her rights,
  • enable cooperation with other systems the safety of the system (e.g. SIEM).

A flexible solution that allows you to automate any activities (processes, configurations, communication with devices and systems) in a fast and efficient way. The idea of operation

NEDAPS is about creating a model of operation

The system is subject to automation and can be made available to users, who can be both individuals and systems.