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What is Green IT?

In recent years, the term “green IT” has made a huge career. “Green IT” is an approach to the technical solutions and activities related to the use of IT technologies aimed at reducing their negative effects on the natural environment.

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The client has several thousand DSLAM / IPDSLAM access devices through which he provides internet services for the mass market. The access network infrastructure consists mainly of Huawei and Nokia devices. The devices are divided into several pools, for which separate organizational units are responsible. Due to client turnover and changes in service parameters, DSLAM / IPDSLAM access ports often remain enabled despite the fact that there are no services on the given port. The enabled port consumes electricity which is wasted and for which the customer has to pay despite the lack of benefits from the active port.

As part of the implementation of the NEDAPS system, in the first step, algorithms that search for active ports without services were prepared on the devices. This stage was made separately for Nokia and Huawei devices due to a slightly different way of communicating with the devices of individual suppliers. In both cases, the communication was based on SNMP, but different MIB trees were used.

In the second step, algorithms that disable the given access port were implemented. In this case, the algorithm was identical for all equipment suppliers. The algorithm was created in such a way as to ensure full security of existing subscriber services. For ports that were marked for shutdown, the analysis was re-run (using the previously implemented algorithm) to avoid a situation where the port with the active service could be disabled, and only then the port was shut down.


Information about disabled ports is stored in the NEDAPS system database, thanks to which the Customer can generate a report containing information on the details of excluded ports and financial benefits.

Port analysis operations and their shutdowns are triggered manually from the NEDAPS web interface. The client required that the operations be carried out consciously, hence the inability to automatically run them according to the schedule. In the future, thanks to the REST API, it is possible to launch an operation using a different trigger.

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