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What is a GPON ?

It is a passive optical network, where transmission speeds range from 2.4 Gbps to 10 Gbps, and even 40 Gbps for 40GPON version. The technology is called “passive” because it does not require active devices (requiring power) from operator to consumer.

Our Client’s Case Study

The project aims to integrate NEDAPS with U2000 and BSSs that are used by the customer. The project assumed the construction of a fully automatic process that will allow to configure client stations in the network based on orders generated from the Customer’s CRM system.

At the very beginning, we agreed with the client on how the process will be automated. Then, the rules of verifying the relationship between individual parameters of the service and the capabilities of the subscriber’s equipment on which the processes were to be carried out.

Next, we built models integrating NEDAPS with the Huawei U2000 management system using the so-called TL1 protocol (protocol for managing e.g. optical networks).

We have prepared algorithms that aim at acquiring subscriber service configuration data from the CRM system used by the client.

With NEDAPS, the customer can fully automatically configure devices from his CRM. Also, he can manually manage services from his web panel. Everything is generated automatically and no IT work is needed here.


  • NEDAPS has reduced the time of service implementation at the client’s site by 15%.

  • The number of manual errors during data putting process was minimized to less than 1% vs 7% before NEDAPS implementation.

  • NEDAPS provides the ability to expand with new systems, devices and service platforms thanks intuitive, user-friendly web-based GUI. This makes it easy to add new functionalities without being a technical person who knows programming languages etc.

  • As a standard NEDAPS provides REST API, that helps to integrate NEDAPS with client’s systems.

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