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Process Modelling

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NEDAPS enables graphic definition of actions (operations, configuration, exchange of information) to be performed on devices and systems in order to perform a specific task. The definition of the operation consists in selecting appropriate functional blocks from the provided libraries and their appropriate combination. Functional blocks perform a number of functions corresponding to, among others for communication with devices (SSH, Telnet, SNMP, NETCONF, TL1, TR069), execution of logical operations, arithmetic, conditional and loop operations, communication with databases (ODBC, SQL queries, nonSQL communication).

For each input parameter necessary to perform the operation, you can prepare independent models used for automatic data validation, generating hints for available values ​​or calculating parameter values ​​based on data available in the system.

The created model may include information exchange not only with devices, but also with external systems, eg inventory database or CRM in order to download or save data.

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Each system user can have a dedicated directory of possible processes (services, operations, configurations). For each operation, its name and parameter list are defined. For each parameter, it is possible to determine which validation model, hints or calculations prepared earlier in the course of process modeling shall be used.


Operations Directory


Configuration Catalog

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NEDAPS provides a CMDB module that allows to collect all relevant information about the configuration of devices and systems storing it in one place. Thanks to this, a reference database for elements and systems is created for the entire Client’s environment.

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The user www interface is generated automatically based on the definition of operations that can be performed by a given user. The web interface is available with all the mechanisms that facilitate entering data, such as validations, hints or calculations.


Web Interface


Mass Operations

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Performing mass operations is possible for every operation made available to the system user. After importing a csv file to the system, the user can decide on the date and time of performing the file.

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NEDAPS automatically generates the REST interface for each of the defined operations. This allows to perform each operation from the level of not only the system user, but also IT systems used by the client.





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The system provides advanced mechanisms of integration with existing systems. Native mechanism of integration is REST API. In the absence of such a possibility, we are able to build dedicated mechanisms corresponding to the specificity of the system.

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Testing of the processes can take place in an isolated environment, so-called sandbox. Thanks to this, the user can verify the correctness of automated processes before they are launched in a production environment.



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