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E-LAN, E-LINE – what is it?

E-LAN and E-LINE are different types of connections and belong to services provided by Carrier Ethernet. We will not go into details here, but in short, both connections can make it easier to connect different customer locations even physically distant from each other.

Our Client’s Case Study

Our client is a large telecommunications operator, which has a very extensive network infrastructure and has equipment from many suppliers (Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco).

Our task was to optimize the creation of E-LAN and E-LINE services performed by the customer’s technical services. The operation had to be performed on several segments of the Operator’s network, and during the service creation, the action had to be performed on several management systems that are dedicated to a given network equipment supplier.

An interface to the service planning system has been built (there are reserved resources needed to create a service). Thanks to this, it is possible to automatically acquire data on ports and device names on which the service is to be created.

In the course of the task, the creation of the E-LAN and E-LINE service has been simplified to one format, where all required default parameters are immediately entered according to the Operator’s guidelines. The parameters defining the service are taken from the system planning the service creation, and the remaining parameters are calculated according to the algorithms provided by the Operator. Before sending an order for execution, the parameters are validated. It is also possible to edit them.

Thanks to the flexible architecture of the NEDAPS system, it was possible to combine these two ways of communication on one service configuration scheme.

The Operator has a system in which technical services introduce (reserve) resources for the service creation. It was decided to use this knowledge to improve the process of entering data into NEDAPS. For this purpose, a dedicated interface to the reservation system was built. Thanks to this, an employee creating a service in the system, after entering the service ID, receives a set of other data necessary to perform the operation. All values suggested by NEDAPS can be edited by the user before sending them for execution.

With the help of the NEDAPS system, an inventory of the network was carried out within the scope of the project. This made it possible to verify whether the parameters introduced at the service planning stage are still available on the equipment.

The last step was to combine the operations performed separately on Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco devices in such a way that they can be configured from a user-friendly wizard.

Thanks to the implementation of the NEDAPS system, the process of service creation has been streamlined and the cells performing operations no longer exceed the indicators required by the management.

The number of created services increased several times in comparison to manual creations performed in an identical period of time. The number of network configuration errors was minimized to zero.

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