Cloud services and hosting providers

A characteristic feature of today’s times is the transfer of data and services to the cloud. Virtually every Internet user does not only use services in the cloud – e.g. in the form of e-mail services or portals streaming music and films, but also stores their data in it. Similarly, companies are starting to use cloud solutions more and more boldly both in terms of services and storage of relevant data.

All the great Internet companies are outdoing each other in offers to encourage users and companies to switch to the XaaS model (Anything as a Service). Following their example, more and more companies so far providing ISP and hosting services decide to develop part of this cloud computing boom. The increase in the number of companies providing this type of services makes it necessary to ensure the distinction from the competition. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to automate the processes and provide the client with the ability to independently define the necessary cloud environment.

In the context of cloud services and hosting providers, automation translates into several areas:

– delivering services to the customer faster,

– Reduction of operating costs (OPEX),

– increased customer satisfaction.

Cloud services and hosting providers

Delivering services to the customer faster

NEDAPS enables full automation of the process of setting up the environment and providing services to the customer. With NEDAPS, you can forget about the scenario in which the configuration of devices and systems is done manually and system administrators log on to individual environments and perform a number of commands or use dedicated scripts or fragmented open source automation.

Reduction of operating costs (OPEX)

NEDAPS significantly reduces the customer’s operating costs. As the operations are performed fully automatically, the commitment of administrators to the ongoing process of configuring environments to provide services to customers is reduced practically to zero. This allows for better use of specialists, in accordance with customer priorities.

Increased customer satisfaction

The application of the NEDAPS system translates directly into increased satisfaction of customers, who gain full control over their services and the time of their activation. NEDAPS allows for easy integration with existing self-care portals. This gives customers additional functionality to manage their services. In particular, they are able to order the expected service and configuration on their own. The NEDAPS system allows you to determine the time of service launch and its duration. Thanks to the possibility of integration with CRM and billing systems, information about new services is automatically recorded in the customer’s account and can be launched.