ACS (TR-069)

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ACS (TR-069)

TR-069 – what is it?

TR-069 is a technical specification of the application layer protocol for management of CPE devices connected to an IP network. The protocol is widely used in cable TV operators networks.

Our Client’s Case Study

The aim of the project was to demonstrate the possibility of integrating the NEDAPS system with CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) subscriber devices using the TR069 protocol. The client was looking for a tool for auto-configuration of the network from the end modems installed at its subscribers.

The scope of work included models integrating the ACS server (Auto Configuration Server) with the help of which the auto-configuration algorithms for end-user devices were created. The CPE device, after reporting to the ACS server, triggered read operations by means of the TR-069 protocol information on WiFi networks available on the CPE device. The next step was to modify the SSID by algorithm agreed with the client. This pre-configured device was subject to verification of the correctness of the installed firmware version. The firmware version was linked to the version of the specific CPE device model in order to compare the data read with the configuration data. In the case of differences, the NEDAPS task was to update the firmware to the latest version required by the customer’s technical services.


  • Thanks to models designed and tested in the NEDAPS system, the possibility of errors was minimized and thus delays of providing services to clients.
  • NEDAPS flexibility allowed to quickly add new functionalities both to the existing and new delivered devices without necessity of writing single line of code.
  • NEDAPS provided REST API allowing external systems to perform operations for all services and configurations created in the system. The usage of REST API allowed for a fast system implementation and full client’s systems integration.

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