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Business Process Automation

NEDAPS is a great solution for business process automation. NEDAPS helps businesses to automate business processes that occurs frequently. NEDAPS is dedicated to firms which have to deal with exchanging the data between software and hardware. Design workflow automation easily with smart graphic modeler.
Nedaps is mostly dedicated for the telco industry where mass software and hardware configuration occur on the daily basis. But our software could improve also other businesses in the many aspects.

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Check dedicated solutions of NEDAPS for each type of business. NEDAPS has a lot of functionality which can differ depends on the trade you are in. This is why we have prepared a few use cases just to give you the clear view on how NEDAPS can improve your business.

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Thousands of integrations through our friendly APIs

NEDAPS can integrate with any application which has an api. If you work on multiple applications and you want to exchange the data between them easy – NEDAPS is for you.

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Business process management in NEDAPS

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    App integration

    In most cases the business process management starts with the form development. Develop your unique form to collect data. You can do it easy with the nedaps graphic modeler. Once you got it, identify who will own each task in the workflow.

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    Choose a small group of people from your team just to test if everything works properly.

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    If you have found that some of the improvements has to be done before you go live, this is the time to do it. Provide the improvements and run your business automation live.

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    Present the form in the visual mode. Nedaps gives you an ability to create a webform which you can exchange with all the parties involved in the business process automation.

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    Before you start business process automation live in your firm you should be sure that everything works well. Monitor how the automation process works and make a list of improvements you will implement later.

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    See the reports, analyze, and be happy seeing how much time and money you have saved. You are welcome.

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Free consultation

If you still wondering either NEDAPS is for you or not just click here and shedule a free project consultation.

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